All containers are prime 12 gauge steel construction for strength and durability with heavy poly lids. Plastic containers are available in 2 yard and 4 yard sizes, if required for ease of movement. Wheels and lock bars are available if required for your location. Containers are clearly labeled for their appropriate use.

Container Sizes
2 cubic yard container - 7’ W x 3’ D x 4’ H
4 cubic yard container - 7’ W x 4’ D x 5’ H
6 cubic yard container - 7’ W x 6’ D x 5’ H
6 cubic yard low pro - 7’ W x 7’ D x 4’ H
8 cubic yard container - 7’ W x 6.5’ D x 6’ H
8 cubic yard low pro - 7' W x 9' D x 5' H
10 cubic yard container - 7’ W x 8’ D x 6.5’ H

Truck Information

The front loading truck is equipped with automated forks on the front which the driver carefully aligns with sleeves on the waste container using a joystick or a set of levers. The waste container is then lifted over the truck. Once it gets to the top the container is then flipped upside down and the waste or recyclable material is emptied into the vehicle's hopper. Vertical clearance is therefore very important for the container placement. Once the waste is dumped, it is compacted by a hydraulically-powered moving wall that oscillates backwards and forwards to push the waste to the rear of the vehicle. When the body is full and ready to be unloaded, the compaction wall moves all the way to the rear of the body, ejecting it via an open tailgate.

Front Loading Truck
The frontload truck is very efficient and has greatly improved safety compared to a rear load truck. It allows the container to be picked up and emptied without the driver getting out of the truck or having to manually move the heavy container, thus eliminating the chance of injury.

Events and Festivals

Going Garbage & Recycling can help you in making your special event or festival a success. Let us provide the container service you need to keep your event or festival clean and do the right thing by recycling as much as possible.

A wide variety of container sizes and types are available to properly collect your trash and recyclables and make clean up and removal easy for you. Whether it is as big as a community festival or your organization’s annual event, or as small as a private party, call us to be of service.

Commercial Trash Compactor

Whether you operate a restaurant, lodging facility, campground, school or industrial site, a commercial compactor may be the best solution for the high volume waste disposal needs of your business. If you need to handle a high volume of solid waste, a compactor may offer you many benefits:
  • Reduced frequency of hauling
  • Reduced waste disposal costs
  • Improved sanitation around your business (spillage, animals)
  • Reduced risk management (fire, theft, vandalism)
  • Reduced space requirements with fewer containers
  • General appearance improvement
Outside commercial compactors are available in sizes ranging from 15 yards to 30 yards. Pick-up, disposal and return delivery services are provided.